Dark Fields

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At first it comes off as another bland new millenium horror movie but at the 20 minute mark it turns around and gains a personality. It keeps up a fairly creepy pace, although it could have been about 20 minutes shorter. This Canadian B Horror is pretty much what it is. Dark Fields is a small movie with so ok kills. The begining and end are a little weak but middle is where all the fun happens. This is another movie that looks like someones first movie out of film school.
I have a feeling a lot of this movie was improvised. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The movie doesn’t really end so much as it dies. This movie could have been a lot better than it was. They have some really creepy locations.The story structure was lacking, even for a horror movie. The kills sneak up on you but they didn’t seem to have to budget to make them visually impactful. Particularly when the villian dies. The lead female was really cute though. The casting overall was pretty effective.Visually the movie is decent although it looks like it was shot on video. Still, it worked a lot better than Brutal or Curse of Alcatraz, where the look was so cheap it was distracting.
The story, some Canuck teens need a ride to a concert, which must have been on the opposite end of the country. The friendly, non-threatening nerd in school who is enamoured with the lead female, and who could blame him, offers her and her friends a ride to the concert like the doormat that he is. Then they run oot of gas in front of an old farm house and the males get killed. Moral of the story, women, don’t date nerds or you will get killed . In fact, don’t trust men because they have a nasty habit of getting killed. Actually, if that had been the theme of the movie it would have been a lot more effective. As it stands now, Dark Fields is just teens get killed by a crazy butcher in the middle of nowhere until the main girl kills him. The end.
Dark Fields is worse than Road House but worth watching if you have the time.

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