Curse of Alcatraz

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This movie sucks! Nobody gets killed in it until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Which means we get an hour of people sitting around giving backstory. If you love seeing people sitting around talking about things you don’t understand, then this is the movie for you. I know I complain a lot about how movies don’t set up characters and make us care about them before killing them. Sadly, this is no exception. They don’t set these people up as likable. They spend a lot of time setting up the characters but they are so one dimension and bland.

To elebrorate, the movie is about a bunch of anthropologists who go poking around Alcatraz, looking for whatever. This movie is a lot like Brutal in that it looks like it was someones first movie out of college and it suffers from bad casting. Everyone in this movie is impossibly beautiful. I’ve noticed this about movie anthropologists. Apparent if you can’t make it as an underwear model, there is always anthropology. So the story meanders on. Blah, blah, blah, ghosts. There is so much talking in the movie and they say nothing. I think the idea is they find a native american body and the evil spirits possess two of the guys on┬áthe island. Then, after many scene of exposition, the killing begins. And the kills aren’t even that good. Even though this was made in 2006, i’d say Class Reunion Massacre did better with the kills and that was made in 76.
Somehow, this movie manages to look like it was made on video but actually, it was made on film. I invite anyone who knows something about film to watch this and tell me if it doesn’t look like it was made on video. They did a pretty lousy job on sound design. Obviously they couldn’t get good on set sound at Alcatraz Prison. But still, they should have worked a little harder in post. It was pretty lazy job. On the positive, they managed to get Alcatraz Prison for their location and they had an obvious low budget. The second positive is he score and soundtrack. They did a good job with the music. I really wish this music and location were used in a better movie.
Worse than Road House and hardly worth all the boring dialogue to get to the weak, uninspired kills.

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