Cannibal Man

October 14, 2009 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

Sadly it’s not about a cannibal super hero. It’s a 70’s Spanish movie about a very dumb man who seems to kill everyone who cares about him except for the creep, gay neighbor who has seen everything he has done. This movie reaches an incredible level of dumb. Even though there are some ok moments and characters, overall this movie sucks. The ending is really anticlimatic. The pace is incredibly slow.

The main character kills a cabby who was giving him attitude and doesn’t report it. His girlfriend nags him to turn himself in so he kills her. Her dad comes over to find out where she has been and he kill him. Then after killing six people, the gay neighbor, who was very disappointed he didn’t get some loving, convinces him to turn himself in. The gay neighbor character was well done and well acted. I wish he were in a better movie. The biggest problem really is the title. Your expecting cannibalism and you get a serial killing. There is only a small part that deals with cannibalism and thats when he starts throwing body parts into the meat grinder at work because the bodies are stinking up the house. Sympathy dries up for the main chracter pretty quickly, leaving the audience with no one really to cheer for, except the neighbor.
I think this could have been a lot better and maybe in Spanish it is a lot better. The main character really bugs me because he doesn’t seem all that bothered with what he is doing, only with getting caught. Yet people seem to like him and keep wanting to be his buddy, even though they almost all get killed. He comes off as a bland, unlikable slab of meat you want to see get punched in the face. Instead, he gets rewarded with sex and in the end grows a conscious. I’d say pass on this. It’s not worth anyones time.
Sadly, this movie is no longer availible on you tube or hulu. A tragic lose by any measure. I have no idea how or where you would find this movie.

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