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The movie starring Roddy Piper is an 80’s rock n wrestling related comedy. I remember it fondly from my youth. But this movie hasn’t aged particularly well. The jokes aren’t particularly funny. The pace of the movie is really slow. Face from the A Team is a music manager, deep in debt, and now is managing a wrestling tag team, combining it with his rock band, to make money.

There is a lack in story structure. Some of the comedy hasn’t aged well. The acting is ok. Just ok. The cinematography is what it should be for an 80’s comedy. As much as this movie brought by warm, fuzzy feelings, looking at it objectively is difficult. It’s better than most of the you tube movies I’ve seen lately, and I have a hard time hating this movie. Maybe its not funny. And maybe its not written well. But Bodyslam still holds a special place for me as a wrestling fan because of all the old 80s wrestlers who were in the movie. It was a little nostalgic and there is nothing wrong with that. So if you are like me, then you probably have already seen this movie and the nostalgia trip will be fun. If you weren’t an 80’s wrestling fan, I don’t think this movie will be for you.


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