Black Sabbath

October 14, 2009 at 1:39 pm Leave a comment

Sadly Ozzy is nowhere to be found. But we do have Boris Karloff hosting three separate short film. He also stars in the last of the three stories. They seems a lot like 30’s horror films made in the 60’s. A nurse gets haunted by a former pateint.  In the second one, a girl gets calls from her dead exboyfriend who is pissed off. So after she starts to crack she calls a friend to come over and help her out. The friend, who also dated the dead ex, gives her a sedative to help her sleep then gets killed by the ghost. The ghost vows to call the girl forever. Then in the film one, Boris Karloff is the head of a family who lives out in the mountains. One night while out hunting he is turned into a zombie or sorts. Then he ends up turning the whole family into zombies.

One thing that stands out in this series of short films is how evil wins at the end of all of them. Kind of a bold thing to do. If your a fan of classic, 30’s horror, then this is something you should check out. The cinematographic, acting, set design, whole feeling of these three short films all are a throw back. If that is something you like, then this is something you will like. If your looking for something more modern, then move along.

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