The Corpse Grinder

October 9, 2009 at 10:32 pm Leave a comment

 An interesting idea poorly executed. Story is that the local cat food factory is using human bodies as a cheap substitute for meat. As a result of getting a taste of human flesh, all of the cats in town are going crazy and killing people.

The film looks poor, the acting is poor or laughable, depending on the scene, and they had a real hard time on the low budget showing the cats killing people. One particularly shameful scene, a woman strips to her underwear for not reason then her house cat attacks her, which is obviously a stuffed animal she is attacking herself with.

On the positive side, I like this story and think there is some potential with it. Basically, the theme of the movie is greed. The owner of the cat food factory becomes progressively more greedy as the film goes on and eventually it leads to his down fall. The one person he seems to have empathy for his a deaf girl who works at the cat food factory. A doctor and his nurse/love interest investigate the cat attacks. This could have worked with better actors. What we got was people droaning through lines and randomly stop what they are doing to have sex.

Yeah, its worse than Road House although it doesn’t have to be. The Corpse Grinder was so poorly done though, I have a hard time recommending it to all but the biggest bad movie fan.


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