Acts of Death

October 7, 2009 at 10:22 pm Leave a comment

I’ve learned a lot about new millennium low buget horror since I started watching free movies on You Tube? They have pretty people who can’t act, look like they were shot on video, and have weak stories and suspect character motivations. Same with Acts of Death. A bunch of theater students get together to initiate a Freshmen student by having a party in the theater dept. after the school is closed.  But things go wrong when they try to drug and rape a girl. She overdoeses! Except she doesn’t. Because then she hangs herself!  So they burn the body and vow to speak nothing of it. And just like I Know What You Did Last Summer, except not nearly as good, they all start getting killed. The last 10 or 20 minutes has so many twists it will make you dizzy and will make very little sense if you go back and look at the rest of the movie, pointing out the inconsistances and plot holes. And like many of the new millienium horror movies, the victims are completely unlikable. In fact, in the end, the killers are very justified in killing who they did. It’s really hard to feel sympathy for anyone except the killers when they explain their whole motivations behind the killings.

What this movie suffers most from is weak characters. Everyone is such a jerk that you practically want to see them die. And with the killers having the moral high ground in the end, you walk away feeling almost nothing. On the positive, it was a fairly decent looking movie. They did a good job with the lighting to set the mood, however the actors just couldn’t carry the scenes and there was a real lack of story. You can’t put 20 twists in the last 5 minutes and call it a story. Stories need to have an arch, as do characters and performances. The real ironic thing is, these people were cast to play the part of actors. So you could say they failed twice at pretending to act.

This movie is definately worse than Road House. It’s not the worst movie I’ve seen on You Tube but it wasn’t particularly entertaining or memoriable. I’d say enter at your own risk but Acts of Death isn’t so bad I’d say steer clear.


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